I'm a fan of dictionary.com and have been since college. And in a small way I continue my education through its word-of-the-day. (p.s. if you know me and have never heard the word-of-the-day joke, make me tell it to you. it's a fav.) At any rate, dictionary.com tells me that the meaning of mundane is of or pertaining to this world or earth as contrasted with heaven; worldly or earthly. Synonyms also include secular or temporal. 
Now, in my little pea brain, I always thought mundane to be that of something boring and lethargic, which is what my days are beginning to feel like within the past week. So with that in mind, I read this quote from a friend of a friend on a friend's blog (ya dig?):

If God doesn’t rule your mundane,
then He doesn’t rule you, 
because that’s where you live.
 So then in my head I started this dialogue with God that went a little something like this, "God, how exactly do you rule my mundane? My days are filled with nothingness and boredom. Why am I living in nothingness and boredom? How does that glorify you? How are you ruling that? Why is connecting with people so hard? Why haven't I heard back form any jobs? Why why blah blah blah, etc." Lots of questions.
Then I read what mundane really means. And it almost instantaneously flipped my perspective off of my measly self and back to a glorious God! My life is mundane!!! But no longer in the sense that I had perceived. My life was being lived in nothingness and boredom because I was allowed to attempt to plan for myself and decide what best filled Camie's day. But now knowing that mundane is the day to day TEMPORARY earthly life in light of Him, knowing that He wants to fill my day with divine events, knowing that He wants me, period; that is enough to excite me into an anticipatory state of being. I am not here forever, and He is worth my every second's devotion.

He is that glorious. He is that good.




discipleship: "do-ology" & differences

This past week I was allowed the privilege to worship with some of the dearest people I know as well as thousands of students from all over the US. The conference we were a part of is called SOAR, and the message this year was about discipleship. Looking back I am confounded by the intricate workings of God in my life and the lives of others involved in this past week's events. He had already been preparing us days (ok, weeks. and even years!)  for what was to come this past week. He formed relationships through mutual friends, through generations of being discipled, through long distance communication, and even through a few hours of worshiping corporately together so that a three day conference could take place. For His Glory!!! He wove stories so deep in my heart of His truth being lived out in faithful consistency that I will not forget them. And very specifically in my life, He has opened my eyes and my heart to some change I need to embrace.

#1: "Do-ology" -  I heard it said once that in following God, it's not a person's theology that is weak. It's their "do-ology". I have to say that I strongly disagree with this man. We 'DO' because we believe. We don't 'DO' because we don't believe. This is a point that God has really been driving home with me through His word and His wisdom in the words of others. If we really believe that God is (insert whatever adjective), then we live accordingly. Doubting that what He has said is true produces disobedience. So, HELLO! Doubting and not knowing = weak theology. Weak theology = no action, inconsistency, laziness, lack of desire, etc... That may offend you, but that is Truth. If God's plan for me is discipleship, I want it. And I want it God's way. I'm learning that people who are passionate about TRULY wanting what God wants will stop at no ends to get it. They sacrifice their time to meet consistently in small groups and with a mentor and with an accountability partner to know God more. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to honesty and confession. But the biggest thing is that IT TAKES TIME. Inconsistent, flaky, half-hearted, lukewarm attempts at discipleship will not do. God wants hot or cold. No inbetween. 
One of the heads of SOAR, Steven Carroll, shared a story with me about his wife's desire to be discipled. For so long she prayed for a godly woman, and for so long, none were found. Then one day, from nowhere came Kathy Fields.  I believe that discipleship is God's plan. I believe that He will provide a godly woman who really wants to meet with me. And I look forward to the day when I get to tell you about my Kathy Fields.

#2. Differences - Let me just start off by praising God for having the honor of calling some of His most amazingly gifted children my best friends. Remembering them overwhelms me because of the slew of talent that is found among them. And being so close to people makes it SO hard not to compare. But honestly, sometimes in my amazement and marvel, I can't stop looking at their talent instead of looking back to their Creator in praise. Then insecurity and jealousy and envy creep in. And the people that I love so dearly, Satan intends for me to hate. And the people that God wants for friendship and accountability in my life, Satan wants to use to make me feel lonely and inadequate. The Truth is each and every one of them is better than me at A LOT of things. And that is the way God has woven it.  PRAISE GOD that I can't cook and play the guitar like Steve. PRAISE GOD that I can't arrange flowers like Tate. PRAISE GOD that I can't walk and lead in the humility of Aaron. PRAISE GOD that I don't have the charisma of Jake. PRAISE GOD I can't sing in the stratosphere like Kim. PRAISE GOD that I don't have a compassionate heart like Jenna. And honestly this list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. But I am so moved to worship God for our differences. Satan does not have the power to hold me with his lies. We look different. We sound different. But through God, we can all love the same. So I glory in Him for our differences. I glory in Him for our weaknesses. Cause when we are weak, and when we are different, HE is made much of.

Soli Deo Gloria