and Babe3 is ...

Around 9am this morning we had our 20 week sonogram, number 2 of 3 that will be had with this pregnancy. It’s still crazy to think that there will only be three sonos after having one at every appointment last time around. But alas, here are some photos of el bambino.
I’m not gonna lie, I can’t remember where eyes and nose are, but you can have fun trying to figure it out!
Sweet little legs crossed just like big sissy, Eisley. The feet are actually by the face even though you can’t see the face. There is PLENTY of room to stretch out, but bambino just loves to cuddle I suppose.
Woop! There it is.
Babe3 is little Baby Boy Risinger!!!

We’re beyond excited and looking forward now more than ever to having this little life join our family.



Thanks to a certain website that is full of DIY ideas and renovations and redo’s and hairdo’s and recipes and … well, you know? Pinterest. Yeah, thanks to some time spent perusing its vastness, I came across this nifty little blog.

Most of my time spent searching on Pinterest is either to find something to help save money/time in my home or someone else’s. And when I found this little ditty, I knew it was a keeper. I could finally stop feeling guilty about keeping my very first pair of TOMS that I never wear anymore. I hate keeping extra stuff that takes up space or serves no purpose for me (us). SO, when I saw that I could give new life to one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, I was all over it.

This blog gives an EXTREMELY easy tutorial to follow. I really want to emphasize this because I read it once, WEEKS ago, and recovered my shoes today in a few short hours without ever referencing the blog. I used remnants of fabric from my girls changing pad cover and some old sheets, scissors, a pen, and some almighty E-6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive. And this is what I got:

The sides are actually a slate gray color. I just snapped a few quick pics on my phone to get on the blog. I plan on going back to mimick the stitching around the panels by hand. I’m sure I’ll probably use an ivory or cream colored thread. But other than that, they’re finished. Thank you Eisley and Lola for letting momma craft today!


thoughts on #3

Headed in to week 18 of this pregnancy still seems surreal. Busyness with babies and meals and garage construction keep my mind everywhere else but on having a new babe growing. Some days pass by and I don’t even think about being pregnant, or I come to the end of the day and wonder why I am so tired. Ha! Crazy, right?  Last pregnancy there wasn’t a day from the beginning to the end that I didn’t feel, look, act, or smell pregnant! It is true. Every pregnancy is different; one to the other, person to person.

I do find myself getting nervous butterflies about finding out if it’s a boy or girl. The anticipation only grows even more intense because I know we could know today if we had a sonogram. We could’ve possibly known two weeks ago! But alas, we have to wait until August 27th. I would be lying if I told you that we have no preference. We would (Steve for sure) be stoked for it to be a little Steve growing in there. But there is also some wonder and excitement about having another little girl. We already have two crazy, very different little squirrels. What would the third one be like?

Oh well. Here are a few fun facts and comparisons to start your weekend off with a laugh:

Pregnancy #1 @ 9-10 weeks: I was already gaining weight and using the trusty rubberband pants closure method. Appetite was gone. Everything smelled foul. Skin was breaking out like a 13 year old.
Pregnancy #2 @ 9-10 weeks: No one knew we were pregnant, and I could’ve gone to bed at 3:30 every afternoon from being so tired. Appetite remained. The smell of our car was the only smell that got on my nerves. No pimples!

Pregnancy #1 @ 18 weeks: Two words. Maternity. Clothes. Definitely felt babies move. Definitely put on the pounds. Definitely looked preggers. Definitely emotional about everything. Usually wanted chocolate chip cookies.
My best friend Lindsay (aka: “Loopy”) and I (around 18 weeks) in true form. Look at those little bellies!

Pregnancy #2 in the 18th week: You may not be able to tell that I am pregnant depending on what I’m wearing. I dug out one maternity shirt last weekend because it was soft and long. Praising the Lord to still be wearing normal clothes. Feeling little babe move every now and then when I sit still. I don’t cry. I get mad. And I could polish off a jar of jalapeƱo peppers every day.

August the 9th I’ll be going in for a check-up. August 14th and 15th girls get their shots and have their one year check up. Then on the 27th we’ll see if we have a little brudder or sissy bell! And in between all of that we have family time and friend time and church time all up in the mix. Here we go August! Let’s get this party started.


three years

Thinking about the paradox of the flexibility versus the permanency of time always leaves me in wonder. (More so with the Creator of time than the actual events that have taken place.) However, I am writing to specifically reflect on events that have taken place within the past three years.

On August one of 2009 I married this fella. 
Photo courtesy of Andrew Ryan Shepherd

So much 'life' has happened since that day, so much learning (and re-learning), and growing (and digressing). Even in the midst, I still have days of waking up in the morning and giggling to myself because I really did marry Steve Risinger, 'that Yankee boy' as my Papa affectionately calls him. And he really is my best friend, who in these three years has shared many moments of feeling that we were each other's only friend. We've come from being passionate opinionated hot-headed college-aged co-wokers/ministers to being passionate opinionated hot-headed young adults, with KIDS. 
From this:

To this:

See! So much has changed yet so much has stayed the same. (hehe)

But in all seriousness, God has continued to mold and shape us and work His story of redemption and reconciliation in and through us. We've seen it happen from something as seemingly insignificant as remodeling our home (which I could, and probably will, write another post to the analogies and lessons learned from that) to the profoundly significant of renewing and restoring friendships and relationships with family. We truly are dancing in the minefields. And for all of this, I get the privilege of being eternally grateful. 

But most importantly today, I rejoice that I am my beloved's, and he is mine. Stephen Keith Risinger, you are the best in the whole wide. Thank you for the best three years so far!