in everything ...

… give thanks.

When your plans go awry JUST as you are about to walk out the door for a 7 hour trek, give thanks.

Because, ya know, I was just going to empty my bladder like a good pregnant wife before we loaded the car to hopefully reduce our number of potty breaks. And lo and behold that pee was not right. Not to mention that after I stopped to think about it, I had been having lower back pain all morning long. So, after a phone call to my OB, Steve and I were on our way to the ER instead of Memphis.

Instantly, my fear was that my incision from the c-section with the girls had ruptured causing internal bleeding and I was going to be en route for another emergency c-section to deliver my 33 week old lil buddy. I was not ok with that scenario at all. No section. No NICU. No baby yet. And this is why I am thankful that

it’s just a kidney stone.

After a round of IV fluids and testing some urine samples, the doc ruled out anything to do with pre-term labor and was confident that my culprit is a stone.  He proceeded to explain that according to Murphy’s Law, if I made up my mind to head on south, I would of course end up being in the worst pain of my life in the middle of nowhere needing to pass the stone. But if we stay home (which he very strongly suggested), I would rest and hopefully pass this bad boy with little complication. So we opted for what seemed to be the wiser of the two choices and with heavy but hopeful hearts are going to be thankful with our midwest family instead of the southerners this year!