ze vinners.

If you’ve never given StitchFix a little look-see, then you may not know that you get sent five items in a box ranging from jewelry to blouses to skirts to shorts to jeans to scarves… etc. Women’s. Apparel. And they unknowingly make it in to a game where you get not only $20 off your order from your styling fee, but also a 25% discount if you keep all five items. THEN if you refer friends, you also get a $25 credit for every friend who tries it out. So, you get MEGA bonus points for wearing and sharing. :) Cause sharing is caring, right? So, these past two fixes I have been SO close to keeping all five items. I mean oh so close. But there is always just this one that I absolutely CAN NOT justify. I mean, y’all, the struggle is REAL to want to keep all five items and get that discount! But alas, only two survivors outlasted this present struggle. The three that got away were a pretty neat maxi dress that just wasn’t quite long enough for these ol legs of mine, a long gold coin medallion necklace, and a pair of army green cargo shorts. (They really were cuter than they sound, I just couldn’t get past feeling like I was in junior high again.) The two that made the cut were:

So we’ve got some Ikat and Aztec prints going on up in the Camie Risinger wardrobe now. If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noted some crazier pins of edgier styled items, because I do wish to work that in a little to keep me not-so-serious. Steve will not allow me to buy the insane wedge sneakers that I somehow have a not-so-secret love/hate relationship with these days. BUT he did encourage this purchase of the off white and aztec print v-neck! Which in shape and cut isn’t THAT edgy (it’s actually quite flattering and extremely comfortable), but the print … let’s be honest. Who’s going to be wearing that print in two years?! No. One. Not one body. And I KNOW I will look back and say, "WHYYYY in the world did anyone let me wear that?” But hey. A trend is a trend, and it’s fun to jump on the bandwagon instead of running along beside it all out of breath and whatnot. So here’s to a trendy splurge. 

Now that black Ikat print blouse is a bit more classic to me because it is black after all. And the print is so small that it can be paired down with a jacket or cardigan and not be glaring at you with the trendy evil eye. It’s got a cute little pocket and gold shiny button closure for the keyhole in the back. And I really enjoyed the detail of the neckline almost looking and feeling like a really soft tee.

So, there ya have it. Two more shirts that are totally wearable for summer and even layered up into the fall and early winter months! Cheers to year round wearability! Thank you, StitchFix. You gals rock.


getting fixed.

Ladies and … ladies! (I don’t think I have any gentlemen readers!) Here is how I’ve been Stitch fixed previously…

And here we go again…

If you’re curious about size and fit and what to put in your own Stitch Fix style profile, leave a comment and I’ll give you my stats and sizes and how things fit to give you an idea!


well hey there.

Months have gone by without a peep! I guess that is what life with three under the age of two will do to ya. So I’ll do a quick recap. Please forgive my brevity, and leave a comment to let me know if you’d like more info on the happenings in our little fam’s life.

After Ezzy’s birth my body had a hard time recovering. Our sleep was great, but my hydration and hormones apparently were not. So after weeks of antibiotics and doctors visits, putting a sad and abrupt end to nursing, a colonoscopy, and a cystoscopy later, I now have a clean bill of health! Which is nothing short of a huge 'Thank You, Lord for your graciousness and provision.' I mean really though, what am I? 50 years old already? Oh, I received another Stitch Fix box in the mail so be looking for my update on my most recent ‘fixes’. We’ve traveled to Arkansas for a wedding. My parents have been here and back twice and got a dog. My brother and sister-in-law and their little fam moved. Steve’s youngest sister graduated high school, middle sister went to Slovakia, and brother got word that he’s to head to officer flight school in August. (I think that’s all right!) Our girls got to move in to big girl beds which proved to be a hard transition for Lola. We had their birthday party Saturday for their SECOND birthday which is tomorrow! Hot snot, I can’t believe the party has already come and gone. I don’t think I even remember really planning for it. Honestly, it feels like it just sort of happened without my knowing. Ezzy is sitting, eating real food, holding his own bottle, and trying his hardest to crawl. And Zekers is still alive.

And in the midst of all of this, we’re finding a greater richness in our pursuit of God and our knowing Him is bringing our lives to the brink of being shaped more drastically than ever before. Oh, I LONG and pray for the day that my littles know Him. I pray that I guard, through the Holy Spirit dwelling in me, these treasures that have been entrusted to me (2tim 1.14). And I pray that for you and whatever your treasures may be as well!