Life has been a little cra-cra to say the least. In August I've been able to spend a much needed vacation with my earthly beloved for our one year anniversary, traveled to North Carolina to lead worship (all by my lonesome!) for a girls' conference, traveled to Kansas City (Missouri AND Kansas!) for one of my absolute dearest friend's wedding showers, and traveled to Iowa two nights in a row for one of Harvest Bible's youth kickoff events.  This weekend, thankfully we will stay home together only to pack it all up and head to Arkansas for Labor day.

I have been emptied out, yet my cup runneth over.

Each of these events could honestly merit a lengthy blog post. But for some reason my brain likes to operate in a way so that everything is pulled together by similarities in a clear and concise way. (I know VERY RARELY do I every actually communicate those clear and concise thoughts because my brain is ALWAYS going. It gets muddled sometimes.)

Awaken my heart, awaken my soul
To tell of all You've done.
Awaken my heart, awaken my soul
To sing of Your great love!