Thanks to a certain website that is full of DIY ideas and renovations and redo’s and hairdo’s and recipes and … well, you know? Pinterest. Yeah, thanks to some time spent perusing its vastness, I came across this nifty little blog.

Most of my time spent searching on Pinterest is either to find something to help save money/time in my home or someone else’s. And when I found this little ditty, I knew it was a keeper. I could finally stop feeling guilty about keeping my very first pair of TOMS that I never wear anymore. I hate keeping extra stuff that takes up space or serves no purpose for me (us). SO, when I saw that I could give new life to one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, I was all over it.

This blog gives an EXTREMELY easy tutorial to follow. I really want to emphasize this because I read it once, WEEKS ago, and recovered my shoes today in a few short hours without ever referencing the blog. I used remnants of fabric from my girls changing pad cover and some old sheets, scissors, a pen, and some almighty E-6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive. And this is what I got:

The sides are actually a slate gray color. I just snapped a few quick pics on my phone to get on the blog. I plan on going back to mimick the stitching around the panels by hand. I’m sure I’ll probably use an ivory or cream colored thread. But other than that, they’re finished. Thank you Eisley and Lola for letting momma craft today!