and Babe3 is ...

Around 9am this morning we had our 20 week sonogram, number 2 of 3 that will be had with this pregnancy. It’s still crazy to think that there will only be three sonos after having one at every appointment last time around. But alas, here are some photos of el bambino.
I’m not gonna lie, I can’t remember where eyes and nose are, but you can have fun trying to figure it out!
Sweet little legs crossed just like big sissy, Eisley. The feet are actually by the face even though you can’t see the face. There is PLENTY of room to stretch out, but bambino just loves to cuddle I suppose.
Woop! There it is.
Babe3 is little Baby Boy Risinger!!!

We’re beyond excited and looking forward now more than ever to having this little life join our family.