guest writer: katy

Who knew that stress was so stressful???

I mean, really. It had me at the doctor's office twice last week with stomach issues, and we all know Ain’t NOBODY got time fuh DAT! And you know how it got me there? It had me forgetting that 'I don't do it.' You say,”Whaaaat?! Camie, you are crazy.” Well, I already know that. But on the heels of some of the most trying days of my life, stress had me forgetting some integral truth that I'd been rehearsing for almost the past two years of my life. And when I read the blog post that I’m sharing with you today, it was absolutely a balm to my weary soul (after being a glass of cold water in the face), a resounding victory cry, and a call to remain faithful in pressing in.

Let me fill you in on my sistafriend, Katy. God brought our lives together through some fun circumstances with our husbands; and after finding out we were both from the south, had a handful of mutual friends and a mutual love for some good tex-mex, we knew were destined to be together. (chuckle chuckle) Katy has been my friend that, even though physical distance has always separated us, God has seen fit to continuously knit our hearts together through sharing the truth of His word with one another during our (sometimes insanely) similar life circumstances. The latest and craziest has been both of us finding out that we were pregnant (both unanticipated) putting us in the situation of having three kids under the age of three. We’ve laughed, and cried, and been angry, and been honest with each other in every season of life we’ve been through together, and I truly can’t thank the Lord enough for her. She has such a fun gift for writing and I LOVE that I get to share that with you. And while you’re at her blog, take a look around. I have no doubt she will bless your socks off.