my new fav: part 2

Aaaaaaand here she is! The piece that I knew I would keep the moment I turned my little tissue paper sandwich sideways and caught a glimpse of her beauty. The piece that was dead-spot-on “Me” to a T. The piece that will be dressed up and worn out probably before summer is even over with.

5. An off-white/cream crocheted tank. Perfect for year-round wearing. Perfect for my skin/hair tones. Perfect for my budget. I had a $25 credit, so I only payed $30 for this tank. Worth. It. Perfect cotton fabric that is oh-so-soft to the touch and just lightweight enough that it will be super comfy in hot weather but not see-through. I’m just a sucker for all things winter white/off-white/cream. I love the look of white jeans, white blazers, and white linen pants. (I’ll be wearing robes of white one day, so I guess I’m just really excited about that already!!!) I like this tank so much that I’ve worn it twice this weekend already! I wore it the day I got it, and then I wore it today to church. Here is what I paired with it today:

From head to toe: coral earrings from Charlotte Russe, light grey scarf from Wal-mart (pretty sure I used it as a table cloth at my wedding), coral skinny skimmers from Target, and nude snake skin flats from Old Navy which are barely visible. When I wore the tank Friday night, I was wearing the earrings and scarf with a grey shawl collared cardigan, army green straight leg pants from Target, and grey crocheted Toms. My Style Suggestion card that came with the tank showed black skinny jeans or a blue chevron maxi skirt which are both ways that I look forward to wearing it as well!

Shout out to the hubs for taking my picture for me. Excuse the slightly disheveled look. We had just unloaded the three littles from the van and were wrestling them down for lunch and nap time. 

So, there ya have it. The results of my first fix. I hope you were inspired to maybe rethink the way you shop and hopefully save yourself (or your family) some extra dollars! This is one really cool way for me to honor my husband and give God the glory. So maybe it’s time for your First Fix or to find some accessories with a greater purpose!

***EDIT: What you don’t want to keep, you send back in a big ole plastic bag at no cost to you that looks like this:

Shout out to Eisley for being a great model!