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Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your ears, er, eyes!

About a month or so ago, I came across a nifty little company called Stitch Fix. If you’ve ever heard of Birchbox, it is very similar. It’s like a Birchbox for clothes. Now, if you’ve never heard of Birchbox, no worries. This post is all about explaining my super fun suprising exciting Christmas-in-April experience. (My friend Candice also blogged about her Stitch Fix experience if you would enjoy reading another point of view.)

Here’s how it works. You go to the sweet little website and create a style profile, filling out info such as your height, weight, occupational status, general tastes in style, likes and dislikes in various fits and styles, price range, and a little bit on the wardrobe you already have. Creating this profile places you on a waiting list to be assigned a personal stylist who will then pick out 5 items based on all your criteria that will be shipped to you when you get to schedule your first ‘fix’. Ok, I could ramble on and on about how it all works, but I’ll let you go explore and discover the rest on your own. I really want to just show you my first fix!!! Let’s go.

When I received this first little email, I seriously got so giddy like a little kid at Christmas. I felt like someone was sending me an awesomely thoughtful birthday present a whole month before my birthday because they just loved me THAT much! 

Then yesterday, a day EARLY, my present came packaged in this neat cute box.

Please understand that it was extremely hard to be patient enough to stop and take pictures at every transition in opening. So, some things just kinda got skipped. 

When you open up the box, the wrapping is immaculate. All of your belongings are in a perfectly folded little tissue paper sandwich, and the above photo is a prime example of my hastiness. I tried to put it nicely back in the box, but I just jacked it up. Ha! So, I went ahead and unwrapped everything to find these items:

1. Super cute mint leather and gold medallion snap bracelet. Great colors. My sylist figured me out quick. However, I realized that I don’t want jewelry in my fixes, because I am a straight up cheap skate when it comes to jewelry. I would rather buy a lot of cute cheap things for $30 instead of one bracelet. So this little gem got sent back.

2. Ok, I’m a little frustrated with this picture because it is just not doing the color of the blouse justice, which happened to be my favorite detail. It looks faded, which was not the case at all. It was a really pretty ivy green color that I was shocked to find looked good with my hair/skin tone. I never buy anything this color but will definitely keep my eyes peeled from now on. What I did not enjoy about this tunic was the cut. It was just awkward. Too big, maybe? I felt like if they kept the width, it needed to be longer. But for the length it was, I preferred a more tailored fit. The giant tube sleeves and short wide cut made me feel like I was trying to pull off an odd kimono/tunic hybrid thing. I thought just maybe the detail of rolling and buttoning up the sleeve would help. Negatory. Still awkward. So this little ditty got sent back. I will give my stylist a thumbs up for going a bit outside the box for me on this one. Spot on with the color choice.

**COOL THING : With each piece comes an attached styling suggestion card. Genius!!! Sometimes you just get stuck, or really like a piece but have no clue how it would fit in your wardrobe. Bam. Problem solved. I would’ve never thought to tuck that big ole boxy thing in. Aaaaand another side note, that picture still isn’t the true color of that blouse. What up wit dat?!

3. Hey-o super cute maxi skirt! True colors. Little big on the fit. Great pick. So great in fact that I already own a skirt almost identical to this one. And it was a lot cheaper than $98. (Seriously? $98? Come onnnnnn. I’d buy a leather jacket for that. But an ole maxi? No way.) Got. Sent. Back.

4. Cute flouncy black and white sleeveless blouse with a great little pin tuck detail at the neckline. Loved the little geometric print. Great light weight material for summer, but definitely sturdy enough to be layered and pair with jackets and sweaters to wear year round. One of the most impressive things about this blouse was that it came with an attached camisole. And this camisole was unlike your typical attached cami that’s made of that funky material that is almost see-through itself and smells like horrible B.O. after you’ve worn it only once and didn’t even sweat. Ladies and gents, this camisole was a legit cotton blend cami. I loved the little mother of pearl buttons. And I even enjoyed the fact that the hem of the blouse was a reverse hi-lo. It was like a tunic in the front and a normal length blouse in the back. (This would be GREAT transitioning into your second trimester of pregnancy! haha) My hubs even said it looked like me. But despite the fact that there were so many things I really enjoyed about this piece, yes, you guessed it, it got sent back. And the main reason was the price. I just flat out couldn’t afford it. Because of…

5. My favorite piece that I’m waiting to blog about tomorrow that I KEPT!!!

Lessons learned: Price range is definitely a determining factor for me. Although great things don’t come cheap, I believe this way of shopping for me is worth every penny. I waste money and sanity driving around from store to store trying to find that ‘perfect’ item only to buy a few different items that I really don’t love. After being a little bit lot more specific in my style profile by adjusting my price range to the cheapest side of things (of which I am unashamed. The name of this game is saving money and sanity for me!!!) and asking to refrain from jewelry, I fully anticipate keeping all five items in my ‘fix’ one day. I trust my stylist’s ability and her knowledge of me THAT much. There are so many women in my life who I believe would enjoy and greatly benefit from shopping with Stitch Fix. So follow this link and see for yourself: Get my first Fix

And don’t forget to check back on the blog tomorrow for the big reveal of my favorite piece that I kept!